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100% T-SHIRT


We encounter it on a daily basis. Easy to produce, it is the most universal and basic piece of clothing. From Paris to Tokyo, including Ouagadougou, we all own at least one T-shirt: to sleep in, to run in, to work in, to express ourselves artistically, or to promote our political beliefs.

The T-shirt has gone from undershirt to personal medium and creative outlet. Over 50 years, it has achieved a special status and is one of our best-selling pieces of clothing.

How did the T-shirt enter the fashion world? If Marlon Brando seduced women around the world with his sweat-soaked T-shirt in A Streetcar Named Desire, it's James Dean in Rebel Without a Cause, who launched the white T-shirt as a fashion item. Since then, the T-shirt has continuously been modified, and each of its forms, be it torn, oversized, screenprinted or tie-dyed, reflects the evolution of our society.

50 years and tens of billions of copies later, the T-shirt undoubtedly deserves a film which explores its fate with curiosity, humour, and a dose of criticism…

Screen an excerpt of the film 100% T-SHIRT

Film credits:
Director and cinematographer: Kaveh Nabatian
Producer: Ina Fichman
Associate Producer: Christine Rocheleau
Production: Intuitive Pictures
Editor: Elric Robichon
Original Music: Kaveh Nabatian and Andrés Vial

kaveh nabatian


Kaveh Nabatian is an award-winning filmmaker and musician from Montreal. His work confronts the gap between these two arts: creating films that evoke intuitive and immediate musical sensations, and creating music that has the evocative energy of film.

Kaveh has directed both fiction and documentary films, music videos and television series. His films have screened in over forty international festivals and have earned numerous awards. The short film Vapor by Kaveh was chosen as one of the top ten Canadian films at TIFF, as well as receiving Jutra and Genie awards.

Kaveh recently completed the short film Dive, which was shown at the Festival du Nouveau Cinema in October, 2013. He is currently busy developing two feature film screenplays.

Kaveh has degrees in both Film Production and Jazz Studies at Concordia University. Much of his time as a musician is dedicated to Bell Orchestre, a music ensemble based in Montreal.